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Thursday, June 21, 2007

POLICY: Mind - Dont compare yourself to others

Simple. Compare yourself to yourself alone.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quality vs. Quantity: Friends

I have a definite preference towards 'quality' friends.

Ive never been one to go make friends simply because I felt I wanted more. However, in social networking, having quantity can be advantageous.

TIP: Make good associations and respect your colleagues. Who knows it may serve you well.


Catch the train!

Ever had one of those moments when your running towards the train platform only to see the train shut its doors and leave. When you were oh so close to getting it. That train was going to get you to your party/work/interview etc on time. Now your going to be late.

Well now that you missed the train you were supposed to get, are you going to wait around for the next one? Uh yes??

Now apply this logic to that goal you missed today? or was it yesterday?

So you missed that slight deadline, for whatever reason, are you going to stop simply because it completely stuffs up your plans? Apply this to your missed goals and keep going. Its difficult, but you'll thankyourself later :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are you leveraging?

Ever read any entrepreneurial or business books. They all talk about leverage. Using leverage to grow your business and wealth.

So whats leverage? Definition: Leverage is using given resources in such a way that the potential positive or negative outcome is magnified.

Well a lot of small business grow and expand by leveraging their resources, capital, assets, knowledge etc. Okaaayy.. so what am I trying to say?

Well this post falls under my random thoughts label.

Well I was thinking of your local plumbers/electricians etc. They manage to start some good profitable businesses, after completing their apprenticeships, once they build their skills and enough experience, they make the big jump of going into business.

Alright.. so lets think about those people who are employed in a corporate environment, lets take engineers for example. How do engineers go about leveraging their skills and knowledge to start a business?? Can it be done? Honestly Im sure it can be, but I cant think how you would go about doing it.

Hmm something to think about.


Paradigm Shift anyone?

So I bought 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and I must say it looks like a ripper read.
Ive only read the first chapter and already he's got me thinking. He talks about paradigm shifts and stuff. More importantly he talks about making the inside-out change, about how being positive, doing external good things may not change who you are deep inside.

Let me finish this book, and I'll try to write up a little more on my thoughts.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Image....its such a relative thing.

Image conscious beings we all are... Are we???

Ignoring your teen Hilton wannabes, Do the rest of secretly admire, or to put it less politely, envy the success other people have?

How often is it, you wonder 'how come that dude got that promotion!?' OR 'How on earth did he/she manage to get that job, I know more than he/she does!!'

Right from the birth of a child, most parents (like it or not) try to compare their children to others'.
Initially its probably pride when you think your child is the most beautiful, or behaves very well, doesnt wake you up at night etc etc. Now allow interactions to begin, that child starts to play with other children, uncles, aunties etc. Its here that comparison and opinions start to take place on how you think that child should think, do, act.

Now in this modern day capitalist society, it is no secret that most of are trying to compete with the Joneses. We all seem to want that car, that mobile phone, that watch, that plasma/LCD television set, that career, job, MONEY!!

Most people I know have goals that they're trying to achieve. Some have done very very well in their short careers. But how often do we see people get side-tracked by getting envious or jealous by the 'instant' success of others? We lose sight of our original goals just so we can copy what the other person did and try to ride our way into the same success situation. Fact is some people do get a break in their lives that others don't.... Im not doubting this.

The world is so unfair isn't it.

Changes we see in others, the success we see in others, isn't some magical instant change. It is a slow steady act of working towards what it is that they desire. Its the slow steady addition of skils compounding away that gives a person that 'break' that so many of us crave.

Fact of the matter is that we're all successful in our own right. A lot of us practice, I'd say majority of us, practice good honest habits. Unfortunately we lose sight of our goals due to infinite number of reasons. Technically speaking these are called excuses, but Im guilty of this as well. As much as I try and go for my goals, I lose track and develop excuses. Prime example: My CCNP study has been lagging. Seriously lagging. My excuse is the rhythm just isnt there.

So whats my point in all of this!? Point is, respect yourself first. A healthy respect. We all have many great and varied qualities. Just because you and I are not famous for our achievements, it is no reason to feel small and guilty. Your image is yours alone. My image is mine alone. No one can copy or become who I am and same goes for everyone else out there. So if you are on a path to success via those goals you've written down, be patient, work at it slowly, have balance in your life and enjoy the journey.

Life is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it.

PS: This article is not as fluid as I would like it to be. Thus why its labeled under Random Thoughts

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unlimited Wealth by Paul Pilzer

An excellent book. Definitely recommended from my end.

Its not so much about how to get rich or anything but he talks about economics and our perception to economics and other issues. Fascinating read.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Success = Compound Returns!! Part II

I wrote a post on compound returns and financial success a while back.

Many of the PD (personal development) gurus out there quote Einstein who said something along the lines of 'compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world'. When you think abou it... its an incredible thing. Unfortunately, its application is always applied to money/personal finance, getting rich over the long term etc etc.

Well I was listening to a Jack Canfield CD this weekend, and he talks about developing 4 new (good) habits per year. Thus in 10 years you will have developed 40 good habits, which will aid you in your success.

Now if you develop one good habit and it helps you to develop the next habit, then its like compound interest. Your effective returns increase with time and effort. Brilliant.

As stupid as it sounds, its such a simple idea, yet we fail (well, me) to apply it. We seem to lose track of ourselves. So work on the fundamental foundation habits and work your way upto building that skyscraper. :)


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

POLICY: Health - Balance

I dont quite know how to put this, but I'll try.

Over the past two weeks I have felt that I am no longer in an equilibrium balance. I feel like a vegetable. Whoa? what!?

During high school, when I was studying for the HSC, I always heard people say, its important to keep a balance so as to avoid burn-out. There is a certain activity that I regularly fail to define as important. Your probably thinking... exercise, reading, daily goal revisions etc etc???

Its Socialising! I am what you would call an anti social person. This is an honest definition. Im serious! Im single, I only really have a select handful of friends and even then we very rarely do anything that would constitute as a social activity. Over the past 12 months I have tried to do something 'outdoorsy' like, watch a movie with my brothers (Outdoorsy for me is anything outside of home :p). Doing this really does make me feel good, because its a change in setting and scenery.

As easy as it sounds it rarely happens on a regular basis. Trouble for me is (here come the excuses) is that my work is based around 24/7 shift operation. There are sometimes weeks on end where I'll be working on the weekends and my days off fall on weekdays. *sigh*

Now take these couple of weeks as an example, even though sometimes my brothers and I have gone and watched a movie on weekdays, its not possible for at least another two weeks, due to their uni exams. (There is no way Im going alone to the cinema! But I sooo wanted to watch the new Pirates movie. Oh well.)

Now thankfully I actually budget for my socialising. I allocate roughly $30/week for this type of stuff. Now being the future type thinking person I am, I'd go as far as calculating how much interest return I'd be losing! This potential lost opportunity could be used instead to put more money away for shares, OR a motorcycle I may want in a years time, OR a new PC. The options and possible choices are infinite.

So whats my point? My point is, sure there are other 'non-social stuff' you could spend that money on, but dont! Use that money, that time, to give yourself a change. A much needed change from the everyday/weekly humdrum of work, life, home etc. I see it as a consicous health choice. Hopefully I'm not infringing on any copyright or trademark, but, Live hard Play hard.

My policy is thus;
  1. Once every two weeks, go watch a movie with brothers/friends.
  2. At least once every two months, catch up with friends for coffee/dinner/movie.
  3. If I know the above is not happening, then at the very least go get take out. Try something new.

PS: This policy business is harder than I thought. Im not trying to win any votes here except convince myself that what I'm doing is in my best interests. I'll add more as I think them through.