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Monday, February 19, 2007

Did my first evaluation!!

So I had toastmasters tonight. Evaluated a fellow member who did their sixth speech.

Again, nervousness was the order of the day, however I was much better this time around than my icebreaker speech.

To be keep it short, my personal lesson from toastmasters, is arranging thoughts and speech in order. This prevents getting nervous and losing track of what you want to say next.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Zig Ziglar

So today I bought an audio CD, "How to be a Winner" by Zig Ziglar. Some very good practical points presented by Mr Ziglar. One thing that stuck in my mind over the first listening;
Listen to motivational tapes, regardless if your in a good mood or bad mood. Infact its better to be in a good mood when listening to these things.

I'll update the blog with another summary of points Mr Ziglar presents in the CD.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Something different in getting organised.

Im in a good positive mood, and I've narrowed down 6 major streams that I will be focussing on this year in 2007.

They are;
  1. Starting a new business. Succeeding and growing the business.
  2. Investing. Learning, practicing, mastering and succeeding in stock and property investment
  3. Networking. Learning, memorising, practicising key fundamental networking protocols such as SDH, ATM, IP, TCP, ICMP, SNMP, MPLS, Frame Relay, BGP and OSPF. Like I mentioned in my CCNP blog, once I know the fundamental basics of protocols and the services they provide I'll master all there is to know about networking.
  4. Blogging. Regularly writing, updating, and actively participating in the blog community.
  5. Exercise. I will get fit through regular cardio exercises such as skipping rope.
  6. Toastmasters. Actively participating in not just giving speeches, but also in club administration duties.
Anyways, to keep a track of how well Im taking part in all of the above activities on a daily basis, Ive come up a with grid that I can tick every day for the above mentioned streams.

Below is a photo to give you an idea.

As you can see above on the left hand side Ive marked dates, above, where it says FMAM, that stands for Feb, March, April, May. Above this is where Ive indicated my six streams.

I'll update this chart/grid on a regular basis. This will provide me with feedback, affirmation and general progress as to my participation in the six streams.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

My business intention manifestation

Here it is;

With good heard and positive feeling, I am a successful business owner managing an excellent and prosperous computer solutions company. The freedom, excitement, challenges, achievement and rewards I get through this business is nothing like I have ever experienced before.

State of mind?

Again, I've been reading and I came across this particular post where this person managed to manifest through her intentions $10000. This was within a few days of her first intention.

The key she mentioned was that you must be the state of mind that you feel you already have attained what you desire, this then sends out a signal to the universe, and your intentions will come true if you truly believe. The other important thing she mentioned was do not concentrate on the how you will achieve it, just believe you will and it will happen.

So my personal self-experiment for myself for the next few weeks, is to practice this state of mind when setting out intention-manifestations.

I'll keep the blog posted.