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Monday, February 12, 2007

Zig Ziglar

So today I bought an audio CD, "How to be a Winner" by Zig Ziglar. Some very good practical points presented by Mr Ziglar. One thing that stuck in my mind over the first listening;
Listen to motivational tapes, regardless if your in a good mood or bad mood. Infact its better to be in a good mood when listening to these things.

I'll update the blog with another summary of points Mr Ziglar presents in the CD.



  • I love Ziglar. His CDs and books are the best. By the way I came here via the Steve Pavlina forum. I just want you to know where your traffic is coming from, because you have a goal of 500 vistors per month.

    - Alexia

    By Anonymous Alexia, At 2:57 am  

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