Successful? Why, yes I am.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


My name is Faisal, 26, male, living in Sydney Australia.
Why start this blog? Well im relatively new to the whole blog scene and after having read some blogs in the past couple of weeks, it got me motivated to start documenting my thoughts and experiences and then sharing these with other like minded people.

From a psychological/mindset point of view, I classify myself as someone who is always reflecting on ones inner thoughts based on what I see, hear and feel on a daily a basis.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am by nature shy, an introvert and also a pessimist (not the best combo). Thus the reason for this blog. As much as I curse and belittle myself over the lack progress I have made in my career and life, thinking I should be something much more than I currently am. I am beginning to contradict this negative mind-set. I believe I am already successful, and what I am doing and plan to do will only lead to a more prosperous and successful life. This is what I hope to discuss and write about in this very blog on a week-by-week basis on various topics.