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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

POLICY: Health - Balance

I dont quite know how to put this, but I'll try.

Over the past two weeks I have felt that I am no longer in an equilibrium balance. I feel like a vegetable. Whoa? what!?

During high school, when I was studying for the HSC, I always heard people say, its important to keep a balance so as to avoid burn-out. There is a certain activity that I regularly fail to define as important. Your probably thinking... exercise, reading, daily goal revisions etc etc???

Its Socialising! I am what you would call an anti social person. This is an honest definition. Im serious! Im single, I only really have a select handful of friends and even then we very rarely do anything that would constitute as a social activity. Over the past 12 months I have tried to do something 'outdoorsy' like, watch a movie with my brothers (Outdoorsy for me is anything outside of home :p). Doing this really does make me feel good, because its a change in setting and scenery.

As easy as it sounds it rarely happens on a regular basis. Trouble for me is (here come the excuses) is that my work is based around 24/7 shift operation. There are sometimes weeks on end where I'll be working on the weekends and my days off fall on weekdays. *sigh*

Now take these couple of weeks as an example, even though sometimes my brothers and I have gone and watched a movie on weekdays, its not possible for at least another two weeks, due to their uni exams. (There is no way Im going alone to the cinema! But I sooo wanted to watch the new Pirates movie. Oh well.)

Now thankfully I actually budget for my socialising. I allocate roughly $30/week for this type of stuff. Now being the future type thinking person I am, I'd go as far as calculating how much interest return I'd be losing! This potential lost opportunity could be used instead to put more money away for shares, OR a motorcycle I may want in a years time, OR a new PC. The options and possible choices are infinite.

So whats my point? My point is, sure there are other 'non-social stuff' you could spend that money on, but dont! Use that money, that time, to give yourself a change. A much needed change from the everyday/weekly humdrum of work, life, home etc. I see it as a consicous health choice. Hopefully I'm not infringing on any copyright or trademark, but, Live hard Play hard.

My policy is thus;
  1. Once every two weeks, go watch a movie with brothers/friends.
  2. At least once every two months, catch up with friends for coffee/dinner/movie.
  3. If I know the above is not happening, then at the very least go get take out. Try something new.

PS: This policy business is harder than I thought. Im not trying to win any votes here except convince myself that what I'm doing is in my best interests. I'll add more as I think them through.



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