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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today may just be a new first

New first for what? Well Ive been meaning to buy shares off the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) on an independant basis. Well today I placed a conditional order to buy 33 shares of ANZ at $29.000 Had I done this just before the day began I would have got this! (Price went down to $28.40).

When the order was placed the price was $29.140. Well here's hoping it goes down a bit.

Now here's a bummer. Initially I had a the plan to invest $200 per month into stocks of my own choosing. But this is really not very feasible as the brokerage fee is $32.95. If placing a conditional order add another $7.95. Thus I've had to bump up how much I can play with each time. The larger the amount, the less the stock has to go up to be back in positive profit territory.

So roughly speaking [($33+$8)/$1000]*100 equals 4%. For me to make any positive gain (assuming my conditional order goes through), the price needs to go up 4% first, then I can start talking about profits.

ANZ has performed very well in the last 10 years. It has almost tripled; from ~$10 to ~$30.
I think that works out to be an average of 11% return P.A. Not bad.

Again, the aim is to buy and hold. I think, by 2017, price of ANZ should hit around ~$90.



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