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Monday, April 09, 2007

Fitness update

After a two day break from any major physical activity, I skipped rope for 25 minutes. Did it relatively comfortably, was not easy mind you, but I set my mind that I was going to skip for 25 minutes before I started and made it happen. Setting a purpose before you start anything helps heaps in achieving goals.

Physical exercise a lot of the times is lost and won in the mind. I cant remember where I read this but its true. :)

Im slowly getting into push-ups. I do two sets of about 8 - 10 pushups (one where my hands are wide, and then one set where my hands are closer together). Those triceps start hurting after a while. Ive also started doing some sit-ups. This time I only did 1 set of 7 - 10.

Im getting there, getting fitter, feeling lighter, feeling quicker, and not forgetting, looking much better. :)

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