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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Space vs. Time

Space and time. Einstein talked about. *I think*.

How is it that we value our space so much, for example, land space, car space, house space, personal space. Yet, I still see so many people that fail to value their time.

I myself did not care much for time, when I was in my early 20's. [Im in my mid to late 20's now]. But having started personal development, and getting to a point where I try and think and focus on success, personal success.... I keep thinking how valuable my current time is. How valuable my current time will be for my time in the future. How valuable the the time that has passed, has been for me in allowing me to learn from my experiences. These lessons point to the future, I want a good future, a successful future.

Case in point. Take investing, especially when used with building capital gains via compound interest. In 20 - 30 years, I know I will be a millionare. 30 - 35 years, I'll definitely be able to say I'm a multi-millionare. As of now, I'm still a passive investor, just putting regular amounts of money into a fund manager. I really want to start investing into stocks that I pick. I want to get into commercial property, because I see HUGE benefits of having such property, 20+ years from now. The best time to all of this is NOW. Using the time I have to now and the time that will pass to make the most of my life when Im in my 50's.

Take my intention and goal to get my CCNP and then go for my CCIE. I want my CCNP by this years end. I want my CCIE by next years end. Having these two certifications, should easily allow me to earn $50k more than what I earn presently. Again time is the issue. Well time AND effort.

So back to space and time, or more specifically time. I was listening to my Zig Ziglar CD (I listen it to everytime Im in the car alone) and he says to practice winning habits. I have been practicing winning habits of late. Ive been in regular attendance at my Toastmasters club. I regularly read material, from personal development to technology, to news. My prime focus is to read good positive material I can learn from. Ive been regularly exercising. My reading has also started include a little on health and fitness. My body is getting in shape, Im starting to look better, and I definitely feel better. My thoughts, Im now almost (and I say almost) always in a happy positive mood. Its a feeling I haven't maintained in ages!! It feels good. Very good.

I realise that these winning habits, and more winning habits that I'll start to do regularly in the future, all include the wise use of my time. For instance, today before coming to work, after showering, I sat on my bedroom floor, and meditated for about 2 minutes. This isnt much, but its a start. I can definitely see that it can have a lasting benefit if done regularly. Preferably daily.

My other goal, which includes this very post is to write more and write often. Even if the outcome is garble, (like this post) at least Im practicing. Once I get into the habit of writing more often I can then start to focus my thoughts on more pointy subjects.

Alright, no more to write. Adios.


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