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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bruce Lee

Super motivation article I found on a thread at StevePavlina forums.

Click Here

Must read, and watch. It contains some rare Bruce Lee footage.

Its got me thinking, if he was so determined, can I associate the image of Bruce Lee to achieve something ridiculous in my own personal life/career.

Im thinking Bruce CCIE!! As Tony Robbins says, the mind is a associating machine, associate Bruce Lee, the power, the discipline, the dedication, the fitness, the success, the aura..... to me holding my CCIE. Im a CCNA at present. I haven't even passed one CCNP exam. Heck I dont even work in Data/IP, Im currently working in optical networking.

Im going to play with this thought. As Ive been exercising very regularly for the past 3 months, I believe, that combined, with my positive thoughts, patience, affirmations and my ability to work smart, I'll have my CCNP in no time. Then its a matter of simply working hard for getting my CCIE. That will be a pinnacle for me in my telecommunications engineering career.

With a CCIE I will boldly claim that Ive made it!! And I can then move onto other more challenging roles.

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  • Hi Faisal,

    That's great that you're going for your CCNP and then onto the big one...CCIE!

    I got my CCNA cert in 2002 and I let it expire in 2005. It was a great feeling to pass the exam. I got a 989!

    Also, I too used to work in Optical Networking (Nortel). I got laid off in 2001 in the Great Dot Com Bust. I've since found other ways to make money, but I still have a great interest in Optical Networking. It's truly an amazing technology.

    Good luck in reaching your goals.
    Immerse Yourself In The Principles Of Success:

    By Anonymous Ron, At 11:24 am  

  • Hey Ron,

    Thanks very much for visiting the blog and leaving a comment.

    Ive hesitated in the past about going for CCNP and CCIE because I was not sure if that was what I really wanted. But I think if I can get my CCNP and then CCIE in the next few years, I'll have a lot of other stuff to look forward to afterwards. At least I'll have achieved a major career objective.

    Optical certainly is amazing. The protocol (SDH/Sonet) is so well designed, its so logical. The bandwidth possibilities are amazing. Now we are on the verge of moving to FTTN (Fibre to the node, I believe S. Korea is leader in this) engineers in this field only have more opportunities to look forward to.

    I'll definitely be visiting your site in the next day or two. Keep an eye out.

    Kind Regards
    Faisal :)

    By Blogger Fusebox, At 6:36 am  

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