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Thursday, March 15, 2007

March, the month of the bills! argh

Great, just great.

This month is really costing me more than Id planned.

Last year I started an ING online account to cover costs for yearly costs like, car service, insurance, rego etc. Well it seems I underestimated.

I got my car serviced today at a Holden dealer, they charged me $700+. $300+ was just for labour costs!!! Although im displeased with the cost, Im going to start to learn car maintenance for myself.
They were going to charge me $300 just for brake/pad change!!

Guess how much I have to pay for the compsulsory insurance..... another $600.
The car is under my dads name, but funnily, the other family car, a 2005 Falcon, he only has to pay $400. Im like WTF?!

Seriously by end of this month my bank account is going to be empty and Im going to have to file for bankruptcy.


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