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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Image....its such a relative thing.

Image conscious beings we all are... Are we???

Ignoring your teen Hilton wannabes, Do the rest of secretly admire, or to put it less politely, envy the success other people have?

How often is it, you wonder 'how come that dude got that promotion!?' OR 'How on earth did he/she manage to get that job, I know more than he/she does!!'

Right from the birth of a child, most parents (like it or not) try to compare their children to others'.
Initially its probably pride when you think your child is the most beautiful, or behaves very well, doesnt wake you up at night etc etc. Now allow interactions to begin, that child starts to play with other children, uncles, aunties etc. Its here that comparison and opinions start to take place on how you think that child should think, do, act.

Now in this modern day capitalist society, it is no secret that most of are trying to compete with the Joneses. We all seem to want that car, that mobile phone, that watch, that plasma/LCD television set, that career, job, MONEY!!

Most people I know have goals that they're trying to achieve. Some have done very very well in their short careers. But how often do we see people get side-tracked by getting envious or jealous by the 'instant' success of others? We lose sight of our original goals just so we can copy what the other person did and try to ride our way into the same success situation. Fact is some people do get a break in their lives that others don't.... Im not doubting this.

The world is so unfair isn't it.

Changes we see in others, the success we see in others, isn't some magical instant change. It is a slow steady act of working towards what it is that they desire. Its the slow steady addition of skils compounding away that gives a person that 'break' that so many of us crave.

Fact of the matter is that we're all successful in our own right. A lot of us practice, I'd say majority of us, practice good honest habits. Unfortunately we lose sight of our goals due to infinite number of reasons. Technically speaking these are called excuses, but Im guilty of this as well. As much as I try and go for my goals, I lose track and develop excuses. Prime example: My CCNP study has been lagging. Seriously lagging. My excuse is the rhythm just isnt there.

So whats my point in all of this!? Point is, respect yourself first. A healthy respect. We all have many great and varied qualities. Just because you and I are not famous for our achievements, it is no reason to feel small and guilty. Your image is yours alone. My image is mine alone. No one can copy or become who I am and same goes for everyone else out there. So if you are on a path to success via those goals you've written down, be patient, work at it slowly, have balance in your life and enjoy the journey.

Life is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it.

PS: This article is not as fluid as I would like it to be. Thus why its labeled under Random Thoughts

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