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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Success = Compound Returns!! Part II

I wrote a post on compound returns and financial success a while back.

Many of the PD (personal development) gurus out there quote Einstein who said something along the lines of 'compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world'. When you think abou it... its an incredible thing. Unfortunately, its application is always applied to money/personal finance, getting rich over the long term etc etc.

Well I was listening to a Jack Canfield CD this weekend, and he talks about developing 4 new (good) habits per year. Thus in 10 years you will have developed 40 good habits, which will aid you in your success.

Now if you develop one good habit and it helps you to develop the next habit, then its like compound interest. Your effective returns increase with time and effort. Brilliant.

As stupid as it sounds, its such a simple idea, yet we fail (well, me) to apply it. We seem to lose track of ourselves. So work on the fundamental foundation habits and work your way upto building that skyscraper. :)


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