Successful? Why, yes I am.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New aim and goal for 'Successful? Why, yes I am' blog

Its 1:12am on a Thursday, and I have this desire to make this blog successful. I want to measure this success by the number of people who will visit and read my thoughts and articles.

So here's my purpose for this blog. I, Faisal, will make two posts per week starting from today, about topics ranging from 'personal development', 'personal finance', 'hobbies', 'every day observations' and things that I'm doing to make myself successful. The way I will ultimately measure this success is through the number of people that pass through here. My aim is to have 500 hits per month by December 2007. I am prepared to give up 4 hours of my time each week to make this happen.

One of the major strategies I will need to undertake not only includes spending more time writing new material and linking to other interesting sites, but also actively posting comments on other people's blogs and forums and going from there.

So lets see if we can get some genuine traffic happening along with people leaving some comments. :)


  • Hi Fusebox. Thank you for the insightful comments on my blog. I should be studying for two finals right now but I'll be back to poke around more!

    By Anonymous Jennifer Lynn, At 1:04 am  

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