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Monday, November 13, 2006

I know my life-purpose!


After many years pondering what the meaning of life is etc. I think I finally know how to tackle this. Ive been going about this all wrong! Instead of trying to figure out what life means and the point of it. We actually really need to define our own life-purpose. This is what life means to us. What we define for ourselves and how we choose to live life.

So while I was reading "Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill" and also visiting Steve Pavlina's new forums I have finally defined a life-purpose for myself. With faith and good intent I came up with the following;

I am happy, I am happy around others.
I am strong in faith;
I am positive in emotion;
I am humble and honest;
I am achieving great things for myself;
I am motivated;
I am persistent;
I am successfull in my own right;
I participate in my community;
I contribute to society

Now I will do my absolute best to revise this daily so that it becomes part of my daily thinking. I think once this happens I will see significant results in the change from my current persona to something that accurately reflects what I have written above.

I am truly excited.


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